How to Increase Traffic to Your Nonprofit Website

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3/20/2020 9:17 pm  #1

Be careful if you do not follow the statistics you will not succeed

There are many ways to increase your targeted web traffic. Some are known as black hats and some are known for their long-lasting effects. These methods have changed since the creation of sites and blogs, each year based on various factors such as: user feedback, user interests and social change.
In this article, we will be exploring new ways to increase your visit. The ways you can increase your visits by between 2 and 5 percent, however, will require a great deal of patience and time to see the changes between It is a week to a month, but by doing so you are optimizing your site and keeping your visitors happy.
Incremental visit articles will include 4 sections that will be covered in the following chapters:
[*]Your site: Providing ways to increase the visibility through your site or blog. These methods are usually very simple to do.
[*] Other Sites: Solutions to Increase Site Visits Through Other Sites. These methods are difficult, and their prerequisites are to observe all of the first article.
Social Networks: The importance of social networks has always been a constant topic of discussion.
Part One: Your Site or Blog
3. Creative Content: Since the launch of the new Google update, Google Panda has been a topic shared by all people interested in the content of the website and blog.
Try to be the creator of content forever the sweet era of forgotten copywriting is now won by someone who is always thinking of creating creative content rather than thinking of finding new sites to copy content.
When a user enters your site, he or she will quickly look at your latest posts. The first line of all your posts plays the most important role in attracting visitors.  The first line represents your story These lines can be just as harmful as they are useful to you. Try starting your story with a brief but interesting description. Don't skip this side of the topic and don't forget to keep increasing visits without Older visitors are not possible.
important points:
The content of your posts should be spelled correctly
The content of the posts should be clear and complete, and any topic that starts to go as far as possible replies usersTime is very important to post. HubSpot's site management has surveyed over 7,000 blogs and websites that have registered to announce that the best time to post content in the morning is between 2pm and 6am. do.                   
Professional Design: Professional design is one of the most important ways to attract visitors. It is clear that user login is not enough and we need to create an environment for the user to stay on our site and then come back again. Check us out. The ideal site for any webmaster is to add a visitor to their wishlist. One way to achieve this is to have a professional design.
When a user enters a site, the first thing they notice is the right side of the page (though this is different from English-language sites or sites that are left-to-right) then they look at their Mouse Can your site be moving fast and whether too many effects are causing your site to slow down? Sign in to your Google Analytics account to see if this has the most clicks in the On Page Optimization section. And.
CSS3 users love it because refreshing the page doesn't have to spend a lot of time loading extra images, but users don't like sites made entirely of CSS 3 as many effects can annoy the user. In our article about the common mistakes of Iranian web sites we explain that try to use CSS 3 as usual.
3. People: One of the principles of psychology is that if you want to be accepted by the community, you have to try to be people and act according to their interests. This principle is also fully respected in the virtual world if you want to increase your site traffic. What people like to talk about. Always remember to be among the people and to be with the people.
3. Don't worry about how many visitors you have Worry about how many visitors your site has : Your number of visitors in a day does not indicate whether you have been successful or not, but how many users you have Returning to your site indicates whether or not you are successful. More important than the number of users returning to your site is the importance of returning visitors to any site for that group of visitors.
4. Newsletter: One of the principles of attracting a newsletter visitor. By creating a newsletter and receiving people's information and sending the latest news to their emails, you are converting them to your regular visitors. Your conversion will go up and you will be successful in attracting visitors.
3. Use Blog: Blog Users Like Blog Name Always Makes Users Feel Different Because the definition of a blog is different with the site and everything on the blog is short but complete. Blog blogs differ for both search engines and users and they are further studied in this section.
Identify Your Target for Your Site: Mostly Targeted Sites Unless you have one of these sites, it's never too late to try and identify your target as soon as possible. You need to identify your keyword targeted organic website traffic and start writing articles based on those words and always remember that users know your site based on your keywords. Every site in the mind of every user is summed up in a few short words if you can Put these words in the mind of the user You have reached a great goal. It is very difficult for you to have the mind and the kind of thinking Change a person, but if you can create a unique and different impression in the mind of the user in the first encounter, you have created a steady visitor.
Add to graphic and table of contents: Use of images and statistics is very useful. The first and foremost benefit is that images and statistics are credited to your content. There may be many such as your content, but if you use images you will show visitors that you are different. Bing Images and Google Images are the most common search resources among internet users It is very important to get a visit from these two sources as only the sites that will be visited will focus on the principle of image optimization. . If you have a site that you just want to post an image don't forget to use Flicker. From another point of view, visitors are not keen on reading long, non-picture content and would like to see the whole story as a picture to better understand it. Be careful with statistics: statistics and perceiving statistics are very important in SEO. Accurate and accurate statistics can be very useful for you because any positive part in statistics and results are referred to a rational reason and you can try and investigate Improve that positive part of your site. Improve your site image.
 Be careful if you do not follow the statistics you will not succeed
The first point in the image above is to be sure to use Google Analytics Statistics. The second and most important point is about the sections that are separated by a flash and pointed to them. Be a good Referrer as well so try to get more from these sites There are various ways that the simplest ones are text or banner ads. You can also link to these sites. Be careful if you do not follow the statistics you will not succeed.
3. Refer: The web is not designed to be just text and images, but links. When users read your posts most of the time they want a source they believe is more acceptable than referrals .
It doesn't matter if your referral is an internal or external post, it is important that the visitor moves you to other departments. You should try to get the visitor to follow your topic. Asking for more leads to more visitors coming to your site or going to other sites. In the following article we want to teach you how to increase your site visits through other sites.
11. Be a Guest Writer
The easiest and best way to get started in the internet world is to collaborate with other websites. Websites that are close to your subject. In Iran the issue of being a guest writer has not yet been settled. Unfortunately, many webmasters believe that by writing posts on blogs, others have betrayed themselves.
The interesting thing is that if they start writing a post for another website more often than not they find that the post is great and will work better on their own website then they publish the post on their website and unfortunately it appears that the post You are not interested in users at all.
Being a guest writer is important in 3 ways:
By posting on other people's websites, you are also introducing others to your regular users. If the website you are writing for has good terms, a simple post can get a lot of users to your website.
One of the best and most recent ways of link building is to be a writer on other people's websites. You'll get a link to your own website by practically posting it to others. Good post You get a good link which can be very helpful to you.
The last and most important reason to be a guest writer is that you show that you are a professional. Web users have a particular interest in professional executives. Professional managers do not want everything for themselves but they believe that whatever In the virtual world, it has to be shared, and healthy competitors are at the forefront of their business. They want to work together with others that are competing for a purpose bigger than themselves and their website.
12. Share your discussions with other sites
The oldest way to attract visitors from other websites is to write reviews. Try to find out about other readers' feed readers through tools like FollowerWonk or Google Reader. Then by getting this on websites Commenting on other websites has some principles called Comment Marketing. It may be interesting to know that half of the comments on blogs are spam and have no value whatsoever.
13. Q&A Sites
 These sites are unfortunately very few in Iran but they are not scarce. Their famous example is the most popular. You can share your knowledge with users by joining these websites. You will also be recognized by users. You will be recognized as a person and your site will be recognized as a place where users can express their problems or come up with content that is the source of your knowledge. A good external example is Yahoo! Answers.
14. Membership in forums
Forums are the flagship of WEB2 websites. User-centric sites. These sites allow users to ask questions, share information, and introduce themselves. All of the above can provide you with an opportunity to promote yourself and your website Introduce the virtual world. In all the cases we've mentioned so far, we've introduced ways to introduce yourself. The first step in getting a brand name visit is to choose whether your site is recognized or branded by us. We chose to brand the site instead of branding in the name of the individual.
15. Site registration in directories
Submitting the site to directories will not bring you much business. But directories are a good place to get a good link and one of the principles of linking is site registration in directories.
16. Advertising
This section has a cost. But you don't have to do anything. All you have to do is design a banner and deposit it into the site account for your banner. There are also other types of ads, such as text ads, that are more likely to get backlinks.
And the last type of advertising is click advertising, the most famous of which is Google Adwords, which for some reason is currently very expensive but still in use.
17.. News Coverage
This is not much discussed in the Persian language. To summarize, you need to find ways to incorporate different news sites into your news feed. There are many sites that publish Persian web news You can create a Network Coverage for the site by posting your news. 
18. Request a review
Big sites have recently launched a site called review or introduction. In this section you can charge a fee to have your site reviewed and shared with your users.
19. Exchange links and logos
Link exchange has never been our focus in SeoMuz because it only has positive results in appearance and only negative results in practice. But link exchange is still a way to gain popularity and gain site visits. But logo exchange is a very useful thing that has recently become very popular among Persian websites. It can be said that logo exchange will visit you several times because link users like to look at images instead of reading text. It is an old and inherent interest in humans that pays much attention to images.
20. Social Networks
Social networking is an important and complex issue that we decided to explore in a separate post. We knew no social influence.
New ways to increase website and blog visits 
In this section, we will teach you how to increase visibility through Social Media. Before any explanation, you need to know the first and most important rules of social networking.
There is an unwritten rule that if you want to be successful on social networks you have to forget about yourself and your site if you are a celebrity if you have the best site in the world if you have an idea that is not found on any other site. You don't have to learn to be in the middle of people and work for them. You have to learn that being big or small in social networks doesn't matter what your activity is. Depending on the type of activity you can do Make your small site a great social networking site and vice versa.
21. Facebook
It is the largest social network in the world, this is easy way to buy facebook traffic and Facebook, where people from the ordinary to the big political and social are involved. She was able to introduce herself to the youth and express her goals in a place where most youth activists are.
If you have a large or small company or even have a personal site you should be active on Facebook. Because social networks are an integral part of SEO and in modern SEO no SEO is meaningless.
22. Twitter
The use of this social network is not very common among all Iranians. But if you use it professionally, it is more effective than Facebook. One of the best things about Twitter is that you can easily choose your target audience, meaning you can follow if you are looking for a specific person, as well as follow if you are interested. Also the people who are present on Twitter are summarized into a specific group among Persian speakers.
This means that a particular group of people, most of them webmasters and webmasters, are active on Twitter. This shows that each click on a link on Twitter is worth several times as much as Facebook. It has fewer and is lagging behind in competition with Facebook, but Google has given it a Page Rank 2, indicating that a link to this site, although Nofollow, has very high authority.
23. Google Plus
We all know that Google's SEO rules are set to make new additions to Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. But the laws that Bing added were social networks. It interfered with the number of likes, with a little delay, and Google went to another proprietary social network, Google Plus.
24. Pinterest
We explained about this social network in post 1, Forecasting about SEO in Year 2. Like Twitter, you can easily target your target audience and show visitors what sort of activity your target audience is by sorting pictures in different sections.
25. Sequential Sharing
If you are on Twitter you can tweet your previous posts at different times in different timeframes. It may sound a bit strange but it is quite obvious that we cannot always see all the tweets you repeat in your posts. In fact, you allow the group that may not have seen your tweet to see them too.
26. Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking Sites are sites that operate like other social networks, but the difference is that users can share their favorite posts and links with others. These sites can provide you with a great deal of hits. The most popular English-speaking sites are Reddit and Digg.
27. StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon makes it possible for you to share your knowledge with others. By posting your article on this website, you are posting and sharing your knowledge with a large group of Internet users. Thumb Up or Thumb Down. Another feature of this system is that users can post your blog posts on their blog.
28. Communicate
It's not enough to be active on social networks and share links. You need to learn to interact with others. Great social networks like Facebook and Twitter are based on connecting with users. If you try to work with Connecting with others enables you to introduce your website and not only to that person but also to his or her friends.
29. LinkedIn
This social network is not well known among Farsi users. But whenever a name comes from Social Marketing, this site is one of the first sites to operate. The site saw a nearly 6 percent increase in mobile visits in the year.
30. Myspace
MySpace was also popular before Facebook and Twitter, but later with the advent of new social media traffic sites, the site was out of focus and even dropped over a period of time. But it is still a great place to connect with others Try to add a lot of friends through the Browse menu and then share your website link.


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    1. Contact the correct crowd

    Your internet based life technique is just as successful as the outcomes you get. If your beneficent association hasn't yet characterized an intended interest group, right now is an ideal opportunity. As enticing as it might be, it's significant that your informing is coordinated towards a particular crowd instead of the overall population.

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    1. Keep up a functioning "needs" board on Pinterest

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